"Arneg furnishes ""L’angolo del gusto"" at Fiera di Primiero"

The perfect natural setting for deli excellence in Trentino

On June 10, 2017, the Bonelli family, butchers who has always been careful to give customers the genuine flavor of meats and sausages from selected breeds, inaugurated a new shop at Fiera Di Primiero in the province of Trento.

The shop, furnished by Arneg, is all about wood finishes, warm lights and a cozy climate that speaks about a strong bond with the territory.

The store is organized with the slightest detail and is able to value the goods at the most. It transmits the whole gratitude of the owners to the Trentino land: the LONDON 3 TCPW hot-case, the LONDON 3 090 VDA and LONDON 3 070 VDA serve-over counters and the semi-vertical refrigerated cabinet OSAKA 3 H150 SL create a luminous display and honour the clear attention for the details of those who passionately work behind the counter.

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