Stories about good taste and brilliant enhancement told along the Sharing Avenue.

Pesce vivo, Il Ghiottone goloso, Gusto veneto, Buon Gusto. They are all unmissable stops further along the Sharing Avenue looking for new visual, olfactive, emotional stirrings as well as new proposals in the retail and refrigeration technologies. Hunting for new experiential spaces where to test the quality of a typical cheese, enjoy classic regional cuisine or experiment an unusual gastronomic offer with fish, meat, vegetables. And then share feelings, emotions, perspectives, discussing and developing new relational networks that enhance and enrich individual experience and knowledge.

In a lively and growing of scents, colors and transparencies, come to life stories of precious Italian typicality, of skilled artisans of the taste and business ventures that want to protect and enhance these excellences of Made in Italy. Such as Arneg does researching and studying the best technological and aesthetical solutions to honor such a wealth not only of food but also of historical, cultural and social interest. A wealth that we must be able to offer to the consumer fairly and with all the appeal it deserves because, as recalled in the afternoon appointment of the Future Store Forum by the food anthropologist Sergio Grasso, according to neuroscience the purchase decision is made in only 7 seconds.

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