Takeaway meals, freshly prepared dishes and in-house kitchens to ensure daily freshness and top quality

In September 2016 the Interspar supermarket of the Shopping Center "Le Brentelle" in Sarmeola (PD) has been completely renovated  with special care for sustainability and energy saving, but especially introducing a new shopping experience, ready to interact with customers in an innovative and transparent way. Dishes cooked to order, kitchens in plain sight, a wine tasting area and interactive information panels are just some of the innovations.

Thanks also to ARNEG, the more than 9000 square metres of the store offer a new concept of shopping full of customer services and attentions, all in the name of freshness and quality.

Following are some examples.

> Sushi and Asian dishes
This is the largest sushi department in the Northeast of Italy which offers menu cooked to order in an open kitchen or packaged meals (take away). A tasty exotic experience made possible by our LONDON 3 H 114.

> Fruits and Vegetables
Directly from the Future Food District pavilion, "The Supermarket of the Future" of Expo 2015, SEATTLE SELF exposes fruits and vegetables on square shapes and through a never seen before design which is reminiscent of typical market stalls.

> Seafood and Friggitoria (Fry Shop)
LAGUNA for the served, accompanied by LISBONA 2 in the self-service, the fish shop provides a showcase of fresh and packaged fish, now expanded by the express service: the fish is cooked to order and kept warm by MELK TCPW. The customer can go shopping on the store, as the electronic beep will alert him when the dish will be ready.

> Bread and Pastry
The big news is the pastry lab that creates cakes on site, also for parties and birthdays. Here WENGEN and MELK H 140 are used.

> The Butcher
Courtesy, assortment and quality right as at the butcher around the corner. Meat packaged in the shop or cut and served at the time on MELK VDB, supported also by SAMARA RTB with sliding doors and LOSANNA 2.

> Delicatessen
Large assortment and lots of new recipes served with a full visibility of MELK VDB TCPW.

In addition to these examples, ARNEG has contributed to the renovation by installing:

> for the Frozen Food Section, the TORONTO islands with NEW PUSH CLOSURES  that allow purchasing simultaneously from both sides of the cabinet and increase visibility. Moreover, thanks to the conformation of the central outer shelf, they make possible the exposure of complementary or promotional products;
> for Cold Cuts and Dairy Products, a special version of TARBES, square-shaped, here acting as a promotional;
> in the Engine Room, two HPM TN R134a equipments (semi-hermetic compressors) and an HPM BT CO2 equipment with subcritical cascade on the TN (scroll hermetic compressors) which represent, to date, the most efficient and reliable system for energy saving in Mediterranean climates.

Lastly, for the part related to Cold Rooms and Manufacturing Areas, installations have been curated by INCOLD, our subsidiary.


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