The Reithofer family renews its Adeg in Hainfeld

The new supermarket aiming to give value to local products

ADEG carries on opening new stores in Austria. One of the last openings is signed by the Reithofer family that, thanks to the entrepreneur George Reithofer, has chosen to renew the family supermarket embracing the philosophy of ADEG, the well-known Austrian supermarket chain of the Rewe Group.

The goal for the new store was very clear from the beginning of the works: to create a store, giving value to local products displayed in a cozy and domestic format

Arneg has had the pleasure of being chosen as supplier for the commercial refrigeration and for this ambitious project it has furnished the store with it best solutions for the retail sector

The undisputed protagonist of the new store is BADEN, the serve-over counter. Its modern design concept combined with its great transparency give excellent visibility to the exhibited products, encouraging direct contact with customers, especially thanks to its self-service version. BADEN has been used for displaying meat, cheese, fresh fish and thanks also to its ATB version, the cold cuts. It represents the best solution both for giving value to local products and creating a domestic atmosphere.

The vertical multi-deck LISBONA 2 and the vertical SANTIAGO 2 complete the store’s furnishings, guaranteeing the freshness of the packaged products.

Arneg is proud to have contributed together with ADEG to offer Austrian customers farm-to- table products, valued in all their genuineness and seasonality.

But that is not all.

The crown jewel of this new supermarket of the Reithofer family is represented by the Bistrot, perfectly integrated in the point of sale, which aims together with the supermarket to support the territory daily offering traditional local dishes.