Elegant and sophisticated spaces meet the 'cold efficiency' even at high temperatures

In May 2016 the Winner Superstore has been inaugurated in Gruaro, in the province of Venice. The great architectural structure evokes the aesthetic quality of the interiors that are soon revealed the eyes of the customer as particularly elegant and sophisticated.

The spaces are supplied by next-generation refrigeration units provided by Arneg: Baden VDA e SELF, Baden H114 e H125, Barcellona CK, Barcellona DRY, Halifax, Maribor, Lisbona, Astana, Toronto, Laval, Losanna 2, Chester 2.

The innovative refrigeration system consists of the CO2 Booster TN/BT Central with transcritical cycle in the closed configuration. Equipped with parallel compressor and after cooling chiller, it increases the refrigeration cycle efficiency even at high room temperatures.


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