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La plus haute qualité de conservation, la plus basse consommation d’énergie

Arneg Air System est un système de circulation d'air particulier à l'intérieur du compartiment réfrigéré qui utilise des lames d'air dynamiques afin d'opti

The compact rack with all the natural force of CO2

Subcritical CO2 cascade refrigeration systems for low temperature applications.

Significant reduction in costs: maintaining the Arneg standard quality.

What is essential is visible to the eye

The sleek transparent design of Arles adapts perfectly to all stores.

The green rack for warm climates (but not only...)

Transcritical CO2 refrigeration system gentle on the environment combining medium and low temperature refrigeration in the same unit.

New patent for Arneg

Daytona combines the typical features of semi-vertical cabinets and islands, creating a new type of unit that allows you to display products in both the upper basi